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What will happen during this strategy session?

You will get to talk with one of the Innovation Drive Ass Kickers (no worries, we are friendly until you join a program 😉) about you, your product idea, and the struggles that are holding you back from monetising on it. 

What will not happen?

Our meeting is not a sales ambush where all sorts of tricks are used to get you to buying something you don't want. 

What we need from you.

We invest our time free of charge to get you clarity and direction on possible roadmaps for bringing your product idea to market. 

If Innovation Drive doesn't suit your needs, we will likely be able to suggest something else.

To avoid disappointment for both of us if Innovation Drive is the right fit for you, but you can't afford the program, we ask you to confirm the five points on this checklist.

Checklist: Are you ready to call?

  • I have a Hardware Product Idea
  • I know which problem it solves for people
  • I am able to explain how it works
  • I am aware the program is not free, but I can have a full refund if I reach the agreed goals.
  • I am willing to invest more for prototyping my product

Yes! I am ready!

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